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  • Panic Bars
  • Electrical Access Control
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Exit & Door Hardware
  • Break In Repairs
  • ADA Compliance
  • Key Control
  • High Security Locks
  • Card Access
  • Desk & Fire Cabinet Locks

You are most at risk of being burglarized when you:

* Have just fired an employee.
* Have multiple keys in circulation (maintenance people, employees,etc.).
* Have a very consistent schedule.
* Take long vacations.
* Have recently moved your business.

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A good security strategy slows burglars down, so that the risk of detection
becomes too great and they give up and leave.

Locks are your first line of defense. Pick and drill resistant locks slow a
burglar down, giving an alarm system more time to alert the local police
to problems. Your safe is your final defense from a burglar's attack.

Security Tips For Your Business:

• Crooks will look at areas of vulnerability: businesses with an open door
or a broken window, or ones without security systems.

• It is not expensive to take the basic steps toward securing your
business. Keep the main points of entry locked with high security locks.

• Keep track of who has copies of the keys to your business. Change
locks if keys are lost or stolen. If you've recently moved in, change all door
locks as soon as possible.

• Always request identification from service or utility workers. Potential
thieves don't always look like "thugs"!!

• At night, keep walkways well-lit. Trim the landscaping and make sure
there are no areas for someone to hide easily.

• To avoid being surprised, look around and make sure that no one
followed you before stepping out of your car.

• Get involved in Neighborhood Watch programs. They work! Get to know
your neighbors. Report suspicious people to the police.

• Make sure you have high security locks on all exterior doors. Use high
security locks on file cabinets, desks, equipment storage rooms, etc.
Purchase a safe for keeping valuables, records and personal keepsakes.

• Make sure no one can copy your key(s) without your knowledge and

• Use high security padlocks on your outbuildings and storage areas,
preferably ones keyed the same as your main building.


If you are robbed, remember: it is better to lose your valuables than your
life. Yield your possessions and let the robber go. Then call the police. Be
alert to every detail that could aid in identifying the criminal.