Is your family protected?
If someone broke into your home tonight would your family and
valuables be protected? Would you have time to call the police?
With quality security locks and a home security assessment from A
Advantage Safe & Lock we'll bring you "Peace Of Mind" and superior
protection for you and your family.


Do you really think your home is safe and secure? Call 313-281-0040

So you say you live in a safe neighborhood? What exactly is a "safe
neighborhood"? The bottom line is there is no such thing. Every
neighborhood in this world has the potential to be burglarized. Don't be
fooled into thinking that because you live in an upscale part of town you
are protected from crime. Keep in mind burglars don't break into
houses in the "projects" because there is nothing to steal there.
Burglars travel to expensive homes to commit their heinous acts of
crime and violence. Contact us today for a home security assessment.

My home is safe because there is someone here all the time. Stop
and think about this statement. Everyday in this country innocent
people are killed when an intruder enters the premises and discovers
someone is there. This gruesome scenario is becoming more
common as the drug problem in this country continues to spiral out of
control. Many addicts break in when they know someone is there with
the hopes of coming away with cash so they can immediately go buy
their dope. Sexual predators enter the home while people are there to
commit their hideous acts of violence. The fact is that many times
having someone home is more of an invitation than a deterrent.
Contact us today for a home security assessment so we may help
prevent this tragedy.

My dog will protect me. Having a dog is a great idea, but if dogs were
the answer then we would be selling dogs, not locks/hardware. All it
takes is one bullet or a piece of poisoned meat to stop your best friend
in his or her tracks. Dogs are your pets and a part of the family. Let us
show you how we can protect your beloved animals with quality
security locks installed (not from your local store).

We don't need quality locks because we have bars on our doors and
windows. From 1985 to 1991, an average of 16 people died each year
due to burglar bars blocking their exits from burning homes or
buildings. Have one of our locksmiths come out for a home security
assessment so we can show you how to prevent this tragedy from
happening to your family. Contact us today! 313-281-0040

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